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09th January 2009 - Skunk Anansie Reform?!?!

Dear all,
It has been five and a half years since this website has been last updated!
It may appear that Skunk Anansie has reformed! Evidence:

The Sun's Showbiz Bizarre Gossip Page
Skunk Anansie Myspace Page (set-up by Ace apparently)
Skin's Myspace page " SKUNK ANANSIE GIGS also coming soon..."
Skin's V2 Myspace Page
Skin's official forum
Interview with Mark Richardson for Drummer Magazine

It appears they are reuniting for a greatest hits tour which may perhaps coincide with the release of a greatest hits album. It has also been confirmed that new songs are being written. However, the format by which these songs will be released (if at all) is unconfirmed.
I do not think I will have the time to update this website in a timely or informative manner. That is why I will now say thank you for reading this website and it has been a pleasure making it! Bye!

30th May 2003 - German Television Appearences for Skin

05.06.2003 VIVA - Inside
23.06.2003 - MTV Spin
08.07.2003 - 19:00 - MTV MTV Campus Invasion Mannheim 2003
13.07.2003 - 09:30 - MTV MTV Campus Invasion Mannheim 2003 (Wiederholung)
14.07.2003 - 23:00 - MTV MTV Campus Invasion Mannheim 2003 (Wiederholung)

Thanks to Iris for the tip.

30th May 2003 - Elle Decoration

Skin's flat, situated in London, will feature in the June 2003 Elle Decoration magazine in the UK.

Thanks to Copine from the Skin Message Board for the information.

30th May 2003 - Skin - 'Trashed'
The single was released on 26th May 2003 in the UK.


1. Trashed
2. On & On
3. Interview


1. Trashed
2. The Girl Who Never Cries


1. Trashed
2. On & On
3. The Girl Who Never Cries

26th May 2003 - More UK Television and Radio Appearences for Skin

27th May 2003 - 16:00 - Zoe Ball - XFM
27th May 2003 - 23:00 - Richard Allinson - BBC Radio 2
30th May 2003 - Recovered - BBC3

26rd May 2003 - Skin's Official Site - Redesigned

Skin's offical site has been redesigned; and is pretty darn good.

23rd May 2003 - Trashed E-Card

Click here for the Trashed E-Card.

23rd May 2003 - Photos from Skin's concerts...

Wire Image - 22nd May - Milan - Italy
Jessica's Photo's - 19th May - Munich - Germany
Marija's Photo's - 15th May - Radio Eins Live - Cologne - Germany
Radio Eins Live - 15th May - Radio Eins Live - Cologne - Germany

Thanks to Jessica and Marija and Thomas.

21st May 2003 - Skin's Interview with Later

As reported earlier, Skin has performed a short set for the rather excellent Later series, due to be aired on BBC 2 on 23rd May 2003 in the UK. As part of her appearance, she conducted an interview with Later, which can be found here.

In this interview, she confirms her participation in this years Glastonbury Festival and also reveals there will be a European Tour which will start in September.

21st May 2003 - Interview with Skin

Visit Skin's Official Website, where you can watch a streamed interview with Skin. The video also includes live footage and a 'behind-scenes' look at the filming of the promotional video for 'Trashed'.

21st May 2003 - Another slew of Skin festival dates (will she stop?):

13th June 2003 - Popstarz @ The Scala - London - UK
15th June 2003 - Norewegian Wood Fesival- Oslo - Norway
28th June 2003 - Campus Invasion for MTV - Mannheim - Germany

08th July - Caivano Rock Festival - Naples - Italy
09th July - Centrale Del Tennis - Rome - Italy
10th July - Goa Boa - Genoa - Italy
21st July - Lignano Sabbiadoro - Italy
22nd July - Chico Bum Festival - Turin - Italy

You can check a list of her extensive tour dates on the Tour page.

19th May 2003 - Another Skin festival date:

05th July 2003 - Guilfest - Stoke Park - Guilford - UK

19th May 2003 - Skin's UK Television Appearences

22nd May 2003 - V Graham Norton - Channel 4
23rd May 2003 - Later - BBC 2

19th May 2003 - Skin: Reviews of London Scala Gig - 6th May

Music OMH

19th May 2003 - Interview with Mark Richardson...
Feederweb have conducted a another interview with Mark Richardson; which is available to the members of the website. The interview is quite large so I can't post it here.

13th May 2003 - New unofficial Skin site...

'Fleshwounds'. Designed and built by Marija, this site focus' on Skin's career to date. Go on, have a look.

13th May 2002 - Skin - Fleshwounds

Release Date: 02nd June 2003
Record Label: EMI Chrysalis/Capitol

01. Faithfulness
02. Trashed
03. Don't Let Me Down
04. Listen To Yourself
05. Lost
06. The Trouble With Me
07. I'll Try
08. You've Made Your Bed
09. As Long As That's True
10. Burnt Like You
11. 'Til Morning Comes

13th May 2002 - Still Hungry? - Details
Ace has finally released more details about his debut solo album, 'Still Hungry?'. The album will be released under the new name of 'Ace Sounds' on the 'Acesounds' label via Snapper Music. The current release date is 23rd June 2003. The CD will feature an enhanced element with a photo gallery and exclusive films of the artists involved. The tracklisting below applies to the UK and USA versions.

01. Jet To California - featuring Jason Perry
02. Back Up - featuring Benjie
03. One Way Love - featuring Lemmy
04. There's No Pleasin' Some People - featuring Saffron
05. No Fear Of Falling - featuring Shingai Shoniwa
06. Skiers Of Texas - featuring JJ Burnel
07. Glass Ceiling - featuring Ben Edwards
08. Your Face Hurts - featuring Yap
09. 45 Grave - featuring Cliff Jones
10. Prisoner - featuring Skye
11. This Is The Last Time - featuring Smokey Banditz
12. Mind's Taken Over - featuring Kim Nali
13. Rogers Exotic Prawn Birds - link ?
14. Phoenix - featuring Shingai Shoniwa
15. We Be - featuring Smokey Banditz

Ace has also added a brief update on his
website. This included an announcement of his participation as a DJ in the 'Game On' event held in the UK:

21st June 2003 - Game On - The Dome - London - UK
22nd June 2003 - Game On - The Dome - London - UK

13th May 2003 - Yet more Skin festival dates:

16th August 2003 - V Festival - Weston Park - Staffordshire - UK
17th August 2003 - V Festival - Hylands Park - Chelmsford - UK

You can check a list of her extensive tour dates on the Tour page.

8th May 2003 - Skin; Radio Eins Live performance

Skin will perform an intimate show for Radio Eins Live on 15th May in Cologne, Germany. The show will take place in Eins Live Sendezentrum, Kultkomplex Café and will be broadcasted live at 21:00.

You can listen to Radio Eins Live by radio or streamed through their website

Thanks to Thomas for the tip.

8th May 2003 - Ace: Still Hungry?
Ace will release his solo album, 'Still Hungry', on 23rd June 2003 through Snapper Music.

Ace has updated his website, which now includes updates on his production work.

8th May 2003 - Ace: DJ Tour and Download Festival Compere...
Ace will be performing DJ sets for a short Kerrang! Club Tour:

24th May 2003 - Bristol Academy - Bristol - UK
25nd May 2003 - The Gloucester - Brighton - UK
27th May 2003 - Students Union - Reading - UK

16th May 2003 - Glasgow Academy - Glasgow - UK
17th May 2003 - Birmingham Academy - Birmingham - UK

Ace has also taken the role of spokesperson and compere for the Download Festival which is held in the UK on 31st May and 1st June 2003.

8th May 2003 - Feeder tour U.S.A.

20th May 2003 - Bogarts - Cincinnati - U.S.A.
21st May 2003 - Cotton Club - Atlanta - U.S.A.
23rd May 2003 - 930 Club - Washington DC - U.S.A.
24th May 2003 - Stone Pony - Asbury Park - U.S.A.
25th May 2003 - Webster Theatre - Hartford - U.S.A.
27th May 2003 - Magic Stick - Detroit - U.S.A.
28th May 2003 - Hard Rock Café - Pittsburgh - U.S.A.
29th May 2003 - The Odeon - Cleveland - U.S.A.

01st June 2003 - Trocadero - Philadelphia - U.S.A.
02nd June 2003 - Axis - Boston - U.S.A.
03rd June 2003 - Bowery Ballroom - New York City - U.S.A.
05th June 2003 - Park West - Chicago - U.S.A.
06th June 2003 - Quest (Ascot Room) - Minneapolis - U.S.A.
07th June 2003 - Raunch Bowl - Omaha - U.S.A.
09th June 2003 - Trees - Dallas - U.S.A.
10th June 2003 - Stubbs - Austin - U.S.A.
11th June 2003 - Engine Room - Houston - U.S.A.
13th June 2003 - TBC - Albuquerque - U.S.A.
14th June 2003 - Nita's - Tempe - U.S.A.
17th June 2003 - TBC - Los Angeles - U.S.A.
19th June 2003 - TBC - San Francisco - U.S.A.

You can check out a list of all their tour dates including Festival dates here.

8th May 2003 - Scars festival dates;

07th July 2003 - Montreux Jazz Festival - Montreux - Switzerland
13th July 2003 - Pistoia Blues Festival - Pistoia - Italy
19th July 2003 - Bikers Festival - Faro - Portugal

6th May 2003 - Skin - Liverpool Academy 2

I attended Skin's gig on 3rd May 2003 in Liverpool, at the Academy 2. The gig was superb - Skin and her band were on magnificant form. Click here to check out some excellent photos and a setlist.

If you want to read reviews of other gigs or want to submit a review, visit Iris's site here.

5th May 2003 - Interview With Skin...

Here are two interviews with Skin:

Radio 4 - Women's Hour


Thanks to Elsa for the link.

1st May 2003 - Another Mistake...

I'm really sorry, but I've made yet another mistake. The track Skin performed at the TMF Awards was in fact 'Faithfulness' and not 'Ten' as I reported earlier. 'Faithfulness' will appear on her debut album of which I will have tracklisting soon. Many apologies. Thanks to Cisko and Simon for the update.

1st May 2003 - 'Trashed' Video online

You can watch the video for 'Trashed' on Skin's Official Website. The video is now showing on various music channels including 'Kerrang!', 'MCM', VIVA and 'MTV Europe'. Thanks to Cisko for the tip.

Here are some pictures from the video: